The Many Business Ventures Of Dr. Mark McKenna

After Dr. Mark McKenna finished medical school he started working at his dad’s practice. He was also starting McKenna Venture Investments, which was his own real estate firm. He later purchased Universal Mortgage Lending and Uptown Title. He grew a company of more than 50 employees. The company provided its clients with turnkey design properties, closing services, and finance.

Destruction Created Opportunity

While he was in New Orleans, hurricane Katrina damaged the city and Dr. McKenna’s business. He lost millions of dollars overnight. After the storm, the city was torn apart pretty bad, but Dr. McKenna found opportunity during a two year period where he could purchase flooded property for very low funds. He was able to renovate those properties and resale them to investors who would lease them as low income housing. There were several opportunities a tons of government subsidies. They would design, rebuild and flip homes. All the work of rebuilding shelter was contributing to the overall restoration of the city.

Starting Over

Dr. Mark McKenna relocated to Atlanta. There he began to incorporate some of his medical experience into his business ventures. He started by creating ShapeMed. This was a wellness and aesthetic practice. He owned the company for seven years and then sold it to Life Time Fitness. After the sale of the business he stayed with the company as the National Medical Director.

Starting Over Again

When Dr. Mark McKenna left Life Time Fitness he took a year off to travel and spend time with his family. When he returned, he started OVME. He says the idea for this company came from his experience in the medical aesthetics business for more than 10 years. While he was in the process of growing and selling his practice he realized several opportunities to change the industry.

The Goal Of OVME

OVME is like the next latest idea for the medical aesthetics industry. It aims to offer an on-demand service. Dr. Mark McKenna says the goal is to create a brand for retail medical aesthetics. The existence of dermatologists and plastic surgeons creates division. Botox is a popular brand but there is no staple provide that is nationally known.