The North Face Welcomes Steve Lesnard and Futurelight

The North Face is a brand trusted by many to protect them from the harshest of nature’s elements. However, you don’t have to be at a ski resort or on a mountain to see The North Face Logo. You’ll spot it on backpacks at schools, on the coats and jackets of commuters during mildly chilly weather and even on graphic tees. Whether The North Face products are worn for style or for functionality, when you really need outerwear that you can depend on, the company wants to be that brand that customers flock to. In order to remain relevant and positively in the forefront of consumers’ minds, for any company, innovation is key.

The North Face knows this, and they are always working on ways to bring better products to retail. Futurelight, The North Face’s new fabric, promises to be one of a kind and unmatched when it comes to keeping folks dry, while also providing total breathability. Futurelight provides complete protection from wind, snow and rain, but it also allows the body’s ability to regulate its own temperature to remain intact because of the breathability of the fabric. This means no more overheating due to breathability, and no more worries about hypothermia because your garment didn’t give you the right wetness protection.

Futurelight has been launched primarily in jackets and pants, but Steve Lesnard, recently appointed global vice president of marketing, is excited by the fact that Futurelight can be used for any garment. It’s industry leaders, like Steve, who has over two decades of industry experience working with global brands on product releases and campaigns, who are standing behind Futurelight. The North Face team wants customers to be just as enthusiastic as they are about this breakthrough fabric, and they are investing an additional $20 million, primarily to market this industry disruptor.