The passion of Imran Haque in the Medical Industry

Imran Haque is a well-trained medical doctor who offers health services specialized in internal medicine. He is among renowned doctors across the universe, highly respected for the care they deliver unto patients. Doctor Imran Haque prides himself on being a licensed medical doctor within Asheboro attained after completing Roanoke-Salem program at Virginia Internal Medicine. He has been practicing medicine for over fifteen years at Horizon Internal Medicine, treating patients ailing various illnesses. Apart from working at his health facility, Horizon Internal Medicine, the medical doctor attends to patients in other hospitals including Randolph Hospital, Hugh Chatham memorial, Kindred Greensboro, Kindred Hospital and Alamance Regional Medical Center.

Doctor Imran has over the years gained experience in the medical field, which has earned him an incredible reputation in the corporate world. He acquired his medical qualifications at the University of Virginia and Universidad Iberoamericana (UNIBE) in Santo Domingo, where he attained an M.D and a medical degree respectively from the universities. Doctor Haque is always determined to assist the community within Asheboro, Ramseur by providing best health services to them. The medical doctor has experience in medical examinations as well as dealing with a broad range of diseases.

Doctor Haque offers diabetes treatment options, weight management help, laser hair removal, 360 resurfacing, dermal fillers, and venus body contouring. He serves as the primary care physician of the Asheboro residents who prefer visiting Horizon Internal Medicine. The physician refers patients to another specialist when necessary. His office entails laboratory and ultrasound equipment that use top-notch technology in diagnosing common ailments. He is a kind doctor who takes most of his time to get to know patients as well as being a personal physician to several residents.

Horizon Internal Medicine entails professional healthcare givers who assist doctor Imran in providing medical services to the residents of Asheboro. The physician continues to provide quality medical services in North Carolina and expands his business through creating new health facilities subjected to Horizon Internal Medicine.

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  1. He gets a few honors including the best medicinal specialist who handles patients with mind, got from the restorative oversight expert. His wellbeing office acknowledges significant protection designs with North Carolina. It might also negate another issue that has been trying to solve and it makes sense that things might want to workout the way it is.

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