The rise of Dick DeVos to the top of the corporate ladder

Dick DeVos is the current president of the Windquest Group. This is a position that he has held for the past 14 years. The company, which is located in the Greater Grand Rapids, Michigan offers investment management solutions to their clients. The company is interested in, and specializes in areas such as technology, manufacturing, CleanTech solutions and also hospitality and non-profit organizations. The career path that was taken by DeVos to get to the current position is quite inspiring.

It is important to note that even as he has been working as the head of the group, he has had other business initiatives set up. For instance, in 2010, he started the West Michigan aviation academy and has been the head of the board since the inception of the school. Other experiences that he has had, and which even span over two decades, include being the head of the grand action committee. Then, he has been the vice-chairman of the Willow Creek association from the year 2007. He has been serving as the president and member of board at Amway, which is located in Ada, Michigan.

The first CEO job that he got was in 1991, when he was appointed to be the head of Orlando Magic. The skills that have helped him become as successful as he has been in his climb up the corporate ladder include leadership, strategic planning, public speaking, team building, entrepreneurship, non-profits and customer service. He studied at Northwood University where he graduated with Bachelors in Business Administration.

There are many experiences and interests that Dick DeVos has had away from the regular investment job. For instance, the willow creek organization that he has been heading is his way to give back to the community. Through this initiative, pastors and other religious leaders are trained and made to understand how to be better leaders. The main aim is to create pastors who are inspired, equipped and encouraged to be better leaders.

There are many other charities that he takes part in. When Dick is not busy giving his businesses the leadership that has made them profitable, he stays at home with his family. He has a wife and four beautiful children, two boys and two girls.

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  1. There are people that say he inherited his business acumen from his father. Whether this is true or not, the fact is that Dick is one name to watch out for in the world of business and entrepreneurship. That is a way that rushmy essays has tried to what is expected from the and I know it pay off in the long run.

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