The Role of Jeremy Goldstein in Charity

This is an era where charities have more status than at any other point in history. Countries all across the world encourage their citizens to donate their time and resources in the name of a cause they support. The rewards are usually name recognition or tax breaks. Due to the increase in technology, it is now easier for these organization to get funding and spread their message around the world. Jeremy Goldstein works as a board member of The foundation House. His role is to create and bring to life special fundraising events. Gazette Day recently published a story about a dinner he held with his lawyer industry peers.


In order to understand how he mixes his professional day job and charitable night work together, one just has to look at his upbringing. Attorney Jeremy Goldstein was raised in New York City where ideas, cultural, and innovation all blend together into unique results. He saw how some individuals get lucky and advance up society’s hierarchy, while others are left behind. He first obtained the proper education to get into the law business. Jeremy Goldstein wanted to hold businesses accountable, and in turn bring order to the world. It took many years for him to find a lucky break, but once the clients started pouring in there was no turning back. His firm was winning case after case in quick succession.


Jeremy Goldstein’s carrer has culminated into his present position within the city and peers from the around the world. He frequently gets asked to partake in or offer an opinion in regards to high profile cases. However, every so often he brings many of his wealthy peers into one place. The goal is to serve them a good money and encourage donations to The Foundation House. This organization is the backbone of the city. They have existed since 1944 under the mission of helping mentally ill individuals.


The organization uses its funds to further one of their core missions. This can range from increasing the reach of their network and recruitment, or using the money to invest in new mental health facilities. Additionally, The Foundation House is always looking for more money for outreach and education programs. These are invaluable as they can give people an idea about their own issues and encourage them to not frown on someone’s illness. Lastly, the money helps with locally based plans out of the city.


The dinner events hosted by Jeremy Goldstein give wealthy individuals a chance to share some of their money with those who need it more. He has been a great asset to the organization, as he personally wishes for New York City to be the best place to live.


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