Mike Baur is the Chief Executive Officer and among the founders of Swiss Startup Factory. This factory is an indication of the success of entrepreneurship. Mike spent almost 20 years of his career in banking. Mike was born in Schaffhausen and grew up in Freiburg and he currently lives in Zurich. He graduated with a Master’s Degree from the University of Rochester and also graduated with an Executive Master’s Degree from the University of Berne. Due to his success as a banker, Mike has been an advisor to wealthy Swiss people and has taken the opportunity of making investments that give him a profit. Mike received a high status in Swiss which was the most admired status in the Swiss Banking Industry.


During Mike Baur’s internship at UBS, he did exemplary and he made his way up to higher positions. In the year 2008, Mike was made the Managing Director at the Private Banking of the Zurich branch of UBS. He worked in the banking sector for about 8 years before he was hired as the manager for the Zurich Region. The Swiss Startup Factory that he started with his partners is a factory that gives advice to entrepreneurs on making the appropriate strategic decisions and financial decisions.


The success of Swiss Startup Factory has been brought about by the loyal customer foundation that has been formed from the year 2014. Most of the entrepreneurs that have been assisted by Swiss Startup Factory have made great progress in their businesses. The entrepreneurs have also made great progress in making financial investments. Swiss Startup Factory is the leading private and independent startup accelerator in Switzerland.


There are various lessons that any entrepreneur can learn from the success of Mike Baur. They include: making the right choice of career that will help in figuring out the industry that one wants to venture into. When starting a business, you should be conversant with the needs of the customers. Be able to take the risks that come on your way and deal with the challenges so as to make it in the entrepreneurial world.


The Swiss Factory accelerator program not only mentors new entrepreneurs, through the program, entrepreneurs are given an opportunity to interact with experienced business leaders with whom they can discuss their ideas with. in addition participants are helped in raising funds for their business growth. In some instances, they are also assisted with floor space where they can open their businesses.