The Vision Of One Family Still Guides Grupo RBS

From the moment the Radio Gaucho station was founded and began broadcasting in Brazil, the man behind creating the radio station sat over a vast empire just 25 years later when he died. The death of Mauricio Sirotaky Sobrinho did not mark the end of the development of what would become Grupo RBS, instead, the rest of the family have continued his work to build n the success achieved in that first quarter of a century. Only three business leaders have sat at the head of the Grupo RBS board of directors and all three have been part of the Sirotsky family.

Mauricio Sirotsky Sobrinho built a powerful career in the Brazilian media before his death and is still remembered as one of the innovators in the media sector of the nation. He was followed into the most powerful position at Grupo RBS by members of the Sirotsky family who remain in control of the company and a number of the other corporations tied to Grupo RBS. For the members of the Sirotsky family, the future of the brand is in safe hands with current Chairman Eduardo Sirotsky Melzer rep[lacing his uncle, Nelson Sirotsky in 2012 when he took the role of Executive Chairman. To know more about RBS visit

Eduardo Sirotsky Melzer has been making major changes to the Grupo RBS brand that has never stood still in its work as a media and business brand in Brazil. After arriving at the top of the RBS brand in 2012, Melzer made a change to the way the business operates to move it forward into the 21st-century. Nelson Sirotsky had been modernizing the Grupo RBS brand in the last years of his leadership as he prepared for the current digital age we live in. Grupo RBS is switching many of its most important options to the digital sector with a number of purchases of companies capable of developing mobile apps taking place throughout the world.