US Money Reserve CEO Angela Koch Shares Her Values And Story

The current CEO of US Money Reserve, America’s Gold Authority may be the least likely person you would expect to have gotten there.

Though she didn’t have a background in numismatics or the financial industry, Angela Koch had the acumen and determination to be the best at what she could, and she’s become vital to US Money Reserve’s success.

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She spent time as a pharmacy technician, a specialist at an inspection controls company, a certification assistant at a beef ranch, and even worked at a Jewish foundation on her way to US Money Reserve. She recently spoke to Forbes on what she believed was vital to reaching those goals.

First, Koch said you need to go all in on decisions you make and not look back which could cause you to second guess yourself. Everything you do needs to be done with full belief and no hesitation.

Second, Koch says it’s important to have balance in your life and make sure you’re able to manage everything in it. Life should feel complete with what you have in it. And third, Koch says it’s important to know who you are, what your strengths are and do everything while getting the most out of your strengths.

Leading a company that values positivity and employee growth has been Koch’s passion at US Money Reserve, but she also has made it important that customers know all the benefits of owning gold and silver coins. Sometimes the regular financial markets go through volatility or feel the pressure when the Federal Reserve raises or lowers interest rates.

The economy can go up and down, and in a worst case scenario, it could collapse. But when things aren’t looking good economically, precious metals like gold and silver can serve as a hedge against inflation or deflation.

Physical gold or silver is what you should buy through a reputable company like US Money Reserve who delivers when their customers request it. There are many certified coins you can browse in their inventory, some of which capture important events like Pearl Harbor and the coronation of Queen Elizabeth II.

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They also have other bullion sets you may be interested in, and you can find out more about the importance of gold in US Money Reserve’s free gold kit. To sign up for this free gold kit, give US Money Reserve a call at 1-866-646-8465, or visit their website at

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