Using Genucel for Skincare and More Tips

Summer can bring about extreme fun and enjoyment, but also sunburns for those spending long hours in the sun. However, summer is not the only time of the year when one is exposed to harmful UV rays. The fact that more time is spent indoors rather than out is a major explanation for why we are more prone to sunburns during the summer. Because exposure to UV radiation is a leading cause for aging, it is important to have a good skincare routine and know how to properly treat one’s skin during the upcoming summer.

Wearing SPF protects our skin from damaging effects caused by UV radiation exposure. Genucel by Chamonix, a skin protection product also designed for anti-aging is well suited for use in a daily skincare routine. The active ingredients in Genucel are all natural and used in an appropriate, scientific manner to maximize the positive effects. Some of the active ingredients in any one of the Genucel products include plant stem cells, algae extract, and Goji Berry extract. Being natural, these products limit the chances of unwanted effects on one’s skin. Other than using Genucel, it is recommended to use an SPF or 35 or 50.

According to, it is important to select your skincare product based on the antioxidants they have. Having antioxidants can increase skin cell regeneration after damage and prevent damage. When choosing a product, it is best to specifically target one area of your skin. For instance, Genucel’s Eyelid Treatment targets an area which usually does not receive proper protection.

A last notable point is to exfoliate, hydrate, and moisturize. While using SPF products are beneficial, it is not recommended to leave them on your skin for long periods of time with the reason being that they can clog your pores. Therefore, exfoliation is very important. Exfoliating can be done in numerous ways including washing your face thoroughly or using a peel-off mask. Hydrating by drinking water is significant in helping your body repair and replenish its’ skin. Not to mention, drinking water gives one a youthful glow! To see more about Genucel visit