Veterans Suffering From Addiction Will Benefit From the Salute to Recovery Program Formed By American Addiction Centers

Veterans have been experiencing various challenges, such as being addicts as a result of alcohol and drug abuse. Annually, the veterans are always celebrated during Military Appreciation Month.

Addiction Center’s appreciated the veterans by ensuring that one of their facilities- Desert Hope Treatment Center could extend a helping hand to the veterans who have been affected by the alcohol and drug addiction issue.

The veterans have also been affected by mental health conditions, and they need specialized care. Nevertheless, the veterans are afraid of talking about the challenges that they have been experiencing.

The veterans can now live a healthy and happy life as a result of the Salute to Recovery program. Desert Hope will oversee the curriculum, and they will make sure that the challenges affecting veterans are addressed. Mental conditions, such as PTSD (post-traumatic stress disorder) will be treated accordingly.

Desert Hope wants to make sure that the veterans understand the amount of courage a person needs to seek assistance. The treatment center is under the leadership of Ambrozino Storr.

He talked about how the society views the veterans as heroes, and that is why they are too proud to seek assistance regardless of the challenges that they have been facing. Desert Hope is happy to extend their helping hand to the veterans, and that is why they always make sure that these individuals have access to a safe space where they will have hope, and they can heal. Read more: American Addiction Centers | Crunchbase and American Addiction Center Reviews | Glassdoor

American Addiction Centers has been carrying out various surveys, and the results showcased that 50% of the veterans who have been in active duty are affected by mental disorders such as post-traumatic stress disorder. There is also a considerable number of veterans suffering from physical and mental ailments.

Fortunately, there are various veterans choice providers where the affected individuals can seek help, and they include Desert Hope Treatment Center. A majority of the veterans are also serving as staff members at the Desert Hope facility.

The patients in the healthcare sector also engage in group therapy sessions with their fellow veterans. There is also an area in the campus that is meant for the first respondents and veterans. They are allowed to bond while also connecting with each other.

The most important factor is that the veterans gain a sense of belonging since they may seem detached away from the community and the normal environment. The Salute to Recovery program has also enabled the veterans to learn more about the effects of addiction. They can also gain more insight into the coping skills that are necessary during the recovery process.

The veterans also undergo psychotherapy treatment since it helps to treat the people who have been affected by trauma. Veterans have sacrificed a lot for the sake of the nation, and it is good to help them in every way possible because of the challenges that they face regularly.

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