Vitamin D Is Good Remedy For Your Skin Issues, Says Dr. Tim Loannides

Skin issues are some of the most overlooked health conditions in the world today. It is imperative to note that the skin issues could be complications gradually developing in the body of an individual. Such conditions can hugely take a toll on the personality of the person suffering from them. Some people even start avoiding their social lives for fear of embarrassing themselves.

Dermatologists such as Tim Ioannides feel that some skin conditions are more intense than others are. The conditions are namely atopic dermatitis, eczema, psoriasis, among other inflammatory skin-related conditions.

General Signs of Skin Condition

Dermatologists have made it clear that people need not stay with such conditions. Such specialists believe that something can be done to deal with the skin conditions whose signs include:
• Frequent Illness
• Easy Fatigue
• Back Pain
• Hair Loss
• Depression
• Slow Healing Conditions.

Skin Treatment

Skin doctors like Tim Loannides feel the best way of dealing with a skin condition is by ensuring patients get enough vitamin D. Apart from getting vitamin D from the sun; patients could boost the nutrient using supplements readily available in the market. Some people do have adequate vitamin D due to poor dieting, overweight, exposure to the sun, excessive use of sunscreen, age, spending time indoors or digestive conditions.

About Dr Tim Loannides

Dr Tim Loannides, M.D., is the founder of Treasure Coast Dermatology. Loannides has been at the helm of Treasure Coast for over 15 years. Dr Loannides did his medical degree at the Miami School of Medicine, interned at the University School of Medicine, finally doing a residency through the University Of Miami School Of Medicine. While in residency, Loannides was attached to the Department and Cutaneous Surgery at the Jackson Memorial Hospital. This stint might have shaped his skin health interests.

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