Wes Edens: An Innovative Billionaire!

Fortress Investment Group houses a billionaire who has made a wonderful contribution to the planet via his innovative drive at getting the job done and seeing it through. His name is Wes Edens and with his last name alone, we know he is the beginning of things created in the finance business and much more. As a private equity investor, we will take a look at how he has made an impact on how assets are handled and the relationships Wesley Robert Edens has built.

Born Wesley Robert Edens October 30, 1961 in New York, he started his career with Lehman Brothers and BlackRock as a partner and managing director with both companies. He acquired enough knowledge to know how to initiate a business of his own by working hard and making sure the clients he served received the best advice and positive change in their assets. In 1998, he became one of five co-founders of Fortress Investment Group. This company quickly became the top private equity firm on the New York Stock Exchange. Wes Edens’ style was described as one based on “contrarian bets, creative financing and a knack for building business from investments.”

Wes Edens knows how to make his money work for him, as well as providing help for others. He and Marc Lasry became the owners of The Milwaukee Bucks, a NBA team in Milwaukee, Wisconsin in 2014. Later on that year, a new arena for the team started to be built to make sure the team stayed in the area and not moved to Las Vegas or Seattle, cities a lot of sports teams are moving to. To stay in the sports field to generate more income, Wes Edens and Fortress created an eSports video game called FlyQuest. This game actually competes in the North American League of Legends Championship Series.

According to the Business Journal, Wes Edens’ take home pay is $54.4 million each year. This annual salary is a true testament of all the hard work he has put in since he walked into the role of financial investor since the late 80s. He is a peak performer in his own right and will continue to rise above any challenge or opponents he face. With his accomplishments, regular ups and downs, he will be able to continue to show his children how to face adversity so that they can reach the top as well.