What we need to know about Betsy Devos

You may have heard her name. She’s the U.S. Education Secretary. What you may not know is that Betsy DeVos has been fighting to better children’s education long before she became education secretary in the Trump Administration. For more than 30 years, Mrs. DeVos has been working on behalf of Michigan school children.


Helping Students Has Always Been Mrs. Devos’ Calling


There’s no single moment that stands out in Mrs. DeVos to explain the reason she began working to improve children’s education. More than 30 years she began visiting Potter’s House Christian School located in Grand Rapids.Potter’s House Christian School is a school for low-income families. Her and her husband, Dick DeVos, began talking with parents who were working hard to place their children in a safe environment where they could learn and grow.


Mrs. DeVos and her husband continued going back to visit the school. They began thinking about the positivity they saw there. The DeVos’ knew they had the money to send their children to the best private schools in Michigan. They wondered, “Why doesn’t everyone have this opportunity?


Mrs. Devos Knew that Paying Tuition For Private School is a Real Sacrifice for Some Parents


Mrs. DeVos knew that not every parent in Michigan had the money to send their children to private school. What bothered her so much was that there should not be a “cost” for a great education for any child growing up in America. Free education doesn’t mean a lack of learning the fundamentals.


Based on this fact, Mrs. DeVos began supporting individual students at the school to make sure they received the best education. She and her husband continue to this day to make large contributions to the Potter’s House to support the children at that school.


Providing The Best Education Has Always Been Important to Mrs. DeVos


Mrs. DeVos never stopped supporting the children at Potter’s House, but she did begin championing for students’ education rights. She created scholarships to send children to private schools. She also worked to create legislation for charter schools. She even helped her husband create their aviation charter school.


So, for those who think Mrs. DeVos is only interested in charter schools, they’re wrong. She works hard to provide children with the best education America offers. Mrs. DeVos knows that children should never be deprived of a good education.


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