Whitney Wolfe – The Struggle for Professional Women

Whitney Wolfe: a woman who has struggled and overcome obstacles in her life. She has paved the way for voracious women to follow in her footsteps. The path is narrow and filled with reward at the end. She believes in the power of networking and the ability of women to choose who they would lie to date. By empowering women, she has revolutionized the dating arena. Her vastly popular dating apps Bumble and Bumble Bizz have grown in popularity over the years and consistently provide year over year growth. She has shown the market that it is possible to create something new that changes the entire world. Whitney Wolfe has faced much sexism in her workplace during her life. After co-founding Tinder she faced sexism in the workplace and decided to leave the company. She received a handsome settlement and formed her own company: Bumble. Her idea was to empower women by giving them the ability to decide who they approached for dating.

She designed the app so that women have the power to decide which men they approach. Once a woman messages a man she can continue the conversation but men cannot message women, the woman must make the initial approach. By shifting the initiative to women she has created an environment where women can feel safe and secure. The aggressiveness of traditional dating has been removed and men do not have t worry about facing rejection from uninterested women. Bumble Bizz allows professional women and men to connect and share their similar business interests. Instead of attempting to forge a connection on LinkedIn women and men can create real connections.

Bumble Bizz alleviates the unnecessary solicitation on professional applications by giving users a platform for making personal and professional connections.Women have faced issues in the workplace and in the dating world for years and Whitney Wolfe has done an excellent job at solving these problems. By protecting women from harassment and bullying and preserving men’s egos she has forged a double edged sword for the solution. Whitney Wolfe is a confident and successful woman who has lain the groundwork for other women to follow. She has formed a way for women to take charge of their personal and professional lives and create new circles of influence. The success that has been fostered thanks to Bumble and Bumble Bizz is unparalleled by any other app. The world has changed for the better thanks the entrepreneurial inn ovation of Whitney Wolfe.