Who is Iskandar Safa?


Iskandar Safa, the CEO and co-founder of Privinvest, is proud to be working as one of the biggest shipbuilders in the world. Building in Europe, Asia, and in the Middle East, Iskandar Safa works hand-in-hand with his brother to serve private clients, but also those who come to him to help in serving national defense.


It was more than two decades ago that Iskandar Safa and his brother Akram were focused on creating an environment in which they were able to focus on innovative ship design. That was their goal, and so far they have been able to offer their best to navies around the world.


Iskandar and his brother were born to a Christian family, but it was during a time when tensions were high in the area. He was born to a Maronite Christian Family while residing in Beirut. The school he attended was French, giving him a unique education for the area that he was in. Visit This Page for additional information.


Success wasn’t just for him as he aged, but he also discovered that he was able to throw discus. Safa became a champion in discus throwing, and it was his persistence and commitment to training that would carry over to his contribution with the company building ships.


Safa was determined to succeed at everything he did. This was also true of Iskandar. Both brothers were deeply committed to their personal passions as well as to the company. Iskandar Safa was determined to be a leader in whatever he did, making it stern dedication for him to focus and be more present in the moment.


One of the first projects that he was assigned to was building a military school for Saudi Arabia in which there would be an airstrip. Three years after starting this project, he realized it was time to continue his education in engineering, preparing him to move forward and expand his skills. Read This Article for related information.


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