Who’s Rick Smith? Find Out Here!

Richard Smith is someone that deserves a bit of recognition for his role as a CEO of SECURUS. Taking his role as CEO seriously, he made a big move to acquire JPay which has helped to improve quality of life for those who are spending time in the U.S. prison system.Apart from making this important move as CEO of Securus, he has also helped to improve the company. He has not only increased revenue in the companies that he has worked in, but he has also invested in many different technologies which has greatly benefited Securus Technologies. Securus Technologies is a company that offers prison technology, as well as civil tech.As the CEO of this tech company, he is dedicated to improving the lives of those in prison to facilitate an easier way of communication and entertainment in prison.

Richard Smith has even made comments about how much positive feedback he has received about the services that Securus Technologies provides for inmates. It’s something that makes him pleased as he is happy about being a part of helping and protecting his community.Where did Richard Smith come from and how did he achieve his role as Securus Technologies CEO? Having had an excellent education, it’s no surprise that he has come as far as he has. He has several degrees—an associate’s degree in technology, a bachelor’s in engineering, and a master’s in engineering. He even found the time to attend the University of Rochester for an MBA.

His background in the workforce consists of having worked as controller and CIO at Global Crossing North America Inc, president of Information Technologies, vice-president at Midwest Telephone Operations, and director of Network Plant Operations, as well as business development, and financial management.He also worked as CFO of Eschelon Telecomfrom 1998 to 2007 and made a positive impact on the company while he was there by doing a lot to increase revenue and ensure its success. It’s no wonder that he is now doing a great job at running Securus Technologies and making smart decisions that are proving to play a big part in the company’s success.