Why OSI Group International Expansion is Unstoppable

When shopping or dining at a restaurant, a lot of people normally don’t think twice regarding the origin of the foods they are purchasing or the ingredients and other additives added in the food that they eat. While food production remains to be a profitable business, it is vital to be aware of the firms that provide such services. The OSI Group is one of the most established food production companies, and an option for a lot of people lately.

There are high chances that you have unknowingly enjoyed products from OSI Group for many years. While the company’s headquarters is situated in Aurora, Illinois, the impact doesn’t end there with the company’s products being enjoyed all over the globe. Coupled with the food items, the firm specializes in the production of protein foods, a majority of which are packaged and sold in leading restaurants and supermarkets across the globe.

OSI Acquisitions

Under the leadership of Sheldon Lavin and David McDonald who act as the company’s CEO and President respectively, the OSI Group has gone ahead to engineer several acquisitions, especially in Europe, Asia, and the United States. In 2016 for instance, the firm went ahead to purchase Baho Food, a Dutch firm with subsidiaries in Netherlands and Germany.

Other acquisitions made by OSI include the purchase of Flagship Europe, a firm that deals with the production of condiments, pies, and frozen poultry. Other recent undertakings by the firm include expansion in Germany and Spain.

In the United States, OSI Group has managed to enhance its local presence by purchasing a food plant in Chicago that was previously operated by Tyson Foods, a move that saved thousands from losing their jobs.

OSI Group Tactics and Business Strategies

The success of OSI hasn’t been due to luck but hard work and dedication. In the face of economic turmoil, the company has always made it their mandate to undertake precise marketing and careful product development. Additionally, worldwide expansion has been made possible through the standardization of its products aimed at ensuring safety and food quality.

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