Why The Ashley Lightspeed Relationship Matters to Startups

From a very young age, Ashley Brasier always wanted to be as creative as her dad who was a brilliant architect. She would often help him create prototypes and at that point, she even thought she was going to take after her dad, career-wise. But that didn’t really seem to be the case since fate, as it seems, had other plans for her.

As soon as she graduated from Duke and later Copenhagen, Ashley Brasier made a point of joining Bail, assuming the position of consultancy. She spent a few years on the job while still learning the ropes of how best she could use her creative talents. And when her tenure at Bain came to an end, Ashley Brasier was ready to move on to greener pastures. See more of Ashley at medium.com

And since she was looking for a firm that would allow her to take upon more operational than consultancy, Thumbtack did seem like the perfect fit. And needless to say, Ashley Brasier did enjoy her stay at thumbtack. But after a while, it was time for her to leave since she needed to go for further studies at Stanford GSB.

While at Stanford GSB, Ashley Brasier kept thinking about using her prototyping to help startups find their footing in the ever competitive world of entrepreneurship. And that’s how her Ashley Lightspeed relationship came about. Instead of starting her own venture, Ashley Brasier was introduced to Lightspeed Venture Partners. Visit on her twitter account for updates.

As soon as the Ashley Lightspeed association begun, Ashley felt at home almost immediately. what made her fit in so easily was the fact that Lightspeed Ventures Partners is all about giving startups an opportunity, it simply had everything the Ashley Lightspeed relationship to thrive.

Some of the notable companies that benefited from Lightspeed Ventures Partners startups include The Honest Company, Affirm, Rubrix, Girlboss, Mulesoft, Goop, and Elementum. In total, well over 300 startups have so far benefited from their association with Lightspeed Ventures Partners.

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