Zeco Auriemo, Improving The Possibilities Of Luxury Projects

JHSF Participações is a pedigree operated real estate development company, Zeco Auriemo is the CEO and Chairman. Although JHSF is a well-established entity, Zeco and his wife, Mariana often attend important events to keep the brand and the name out in the public eye. An example of this is when they attended a hosted event, a dinner party at the Cidade Jardim Shopping Mall. The event was a celebration centered around the arrival of a new vendor, Rene Caovilla. Caovilla is an Italian shoe company and Zeco Auriemo and the other guests were exclusive invitees. As a new tenant, the ‘luxury shoe’ company’s presence was commemorated with a reception dinner, in honor of the Head of Creativity, Edoardo Caovilla.

Zeco and JHSF own the mall, Cidade Jardim along with several other impressive businesses in São Paulo, including the luxury condominiums and hospitality building complex, the Fazenda Boa Vista. Zeco Auriemo achieved acclaim for the rebuilding of a historical housing section along 5th Avenue in New York City. The building was originally erected in 1871. The streets of NYC were made for impressive structures, but nothing could compare with this JHSF 32 million dollar rebuild purchase. Considering the project’s dimensions and the price and place. It is only a few blocks away from the famous Madison Avenue. JHSF transformed the old building into a luxury 14 story high-rise.

In Brazil, Zeco Auriemo and his family have consistently demonstrated a readiness to take on the most challenging projects. Headquartered in São Paulo, JHSF is a well-regarded builder of merit. From apartments to shopping malls, in both commercial and residential real estate projects, the aspect of luxury is always present. Also of significance is that the Cidade Jardim is historically designated as being the first of its kind in Latin America.